Work or Fun?

Creative Direction | UX & UI | Mobile | Interaction


Crunch is an in development game started in 2015.
This personal project developed with Ilya Shabanov brought us together to deliver a minimum viable product that could be easily escalated in the future. As a side project, Crunch is a product of friendship with a bit of extra hours of work.


The idea behind the game is simple and fun, users have to bring the same numbers together in order to crunch them and achieve the next number. Users only need 3 circles in order to crunch but, as the game evolves, more and more numbers can be crunched together in exchange for a proper and bigger reward. Moves are vertically and horizontally allowed.
There are Goals to achieve in order to advance through the levels. They determine how many and which kind of numbers users must crunch, at the same time they also restrict their moves during each level.
Users can win a bonus when they finish the goal crunches without using all their moves.
Level by level, the game increases difficulty by setting harder Goals, combined with the addition of more and different obstacles through the way.


Since this is a work in progress, a conclusion cannot be drawn right now. Currently, we plan to release Crunch for Android and iOS in 2016 and do some further analysis.
Regarding the future, we plan to integrate more Social Networks functionalities, to facilitate the competition with friends, level progression and rankings.

It will crunch your heart!