How to Digitally Connect and Inform the Locals?

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Located in the region of Alentejo, Évora is one of the few UNESCO protected cities in Portugal. Part of that heritage is the University of Évora, whose students represent 14% of a city with 56 500 inhabitants.
The cultural scene of the city is built by independent artists, associations and groups that organize and promote different kind of cultural events. Due the lack of resources, the events are promoted through individual websites or social media, only reaching a small circle of closest followers.


With the aim to reach and connect more inhabitants, and to empower the promoters with a new communication channel, we created an online magazine to connect both worlds. A committed team updated the Agenda on a daily basis, along with the Social Networks and weekly Newsletter.
Since Évora it is not a digital city, the communication with the people had to be carefully crafted to touch locals and students from different ages and tech backgrounds. By merging the local jokes and traditions with technology, a communication strategy was developed in order to capture everyone’s attention.
We had chosen an iconic local musician as the main character of the campaign, to have a position more close to the locals reality and to encourage a “friend of a friend” communication approach.
As a publisher Entre, produced digital content as Reportages, Videos, Photos and Articles as part of the social-cultural commitment. This move provided a strong Social Media feedback, inspiration and a general curiosity about the project.

"Fica Entre nós"

Stay in between


This project was not possible without a lot of free will and help from Daniel Catarino (writer), Yoann Crochet (video) and Ricardo Brito (programer), who have pushed this project further everyday. Nowadays, Entre it is offline. We found it quite hard to manage a local platform from a far away city.

"Entre todos nós"

Between us all