What is our Individual Role, Here and Now?

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Organized by Colecção B, Escrita na Paisagem it’s a Performance and Arts Festival in Alentejo (Portugal) region. A Festival that invite to the enjoyment of the city by a strong site-specific art component.
The 2012 theme was “Cosmopolitics”, as the multicultural diversity that communities evolved to: Local and Global Contexts, Here and Now!


The starting point was to bring surrounding influences of global movements and reflecting them into shapes using a mashed-up language. A visual jam was then created, where all the patterns and profiles work as a whole, defining their unique character and identity. Graphic consistency relied on Typography and Color coding the different materials.
To reflect the dynamic and joyful character of the festival, it was created a contrast between the colorful printed materials and the white walls of the city, combining them with a variety of shapes and patterns.
Newspapers (July and August), weekly Almanacs, Canvas, Posters and other printed pieces were produced and distributed locally during the Festival.


The customized solutions for each event, were very positive and a real reinforcement of the festival flow. As well as the contrast between the vivid colors and the white walls had a positive impact on the people´s daily urbanscape.
A lot of people were curious about the festive approach, and attended to the daily shows. This project was developed together with Nuvem K for the ninth edition of the Festival in 2012.