What can Data tell?

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TrendOne is a consultancy company based on a trends innovation research (Micro Trends).
In order to solve innovation problems, TrendOne develop customized studies and reports optimized for specific industries. As consultants, workshops are developed in order to support the clients process. Through the support of their own database, TrendOne can monitorize and identify emerging trends that will have more or less impact in the future.
The biggest challenge for TrendOne was to synthesize and communicate the knowledge to third parties.


Specialized studies and reports, require the handling of huge amount of data and complex abstract concepts. The main challenge was to simplify this information, in order to make comprehensive the trends complexity and their impact in the future.
To obtain clearer insights, data was processed and presented as simplified visualizations. Complex concepts were explained through infographics. This approach was applied both for external and internal use.
Trend Intelligence and Data Report were the most significative internal projects. Trend Intelligence is a tool that allows to explore visually the database. Data Report is a status report about the trends digital performance. Focusing on the selection process of Micro Trends and their posterior development, this information was also extracted from the database.
You can find two examples of Data Reports here and here. For a full experience please, download the first file (right click + save as) and follow the instructions beside. Some links were previously deactivated.


With the support of Felix Tegeler (Data Analyst) a variety of solutions were achieved and implemented. The feedback from our clients was very positive and motivating.
This work was developed during 2013 and 2014 in Berlin.

"Impulsgeber für Innovationen"

Impulse for Innovation